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If you are facing felony charges, the most important thing you should do to assert your rights as a defendant is hire an experienced defense lawyer. Felonies are some of the most challenging charges to combat. The stakes are high when it comes to accusations involving drugs or violence, among many other types of felonies. 

I have been defending clients in Kansas for years, and I have the varied experience and adaptability to handle your felony defense with strategic and skilled hands. I will craft a defense strategy unique to your needs and goals, and I will do my best to fight against your charges. I also prioritize effective communication with my clients, so you can count on direct and consistent access to me throughout the course of your case. I am here to defend you, and I will put up a tough fight in court for you.

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How Kansas Classifies Felonies

For the purposes of assigning criminal penalties, Kansas classifies felonies into two categories – non-drug offenses and drug offenses. Non-drug offenses are divided into 10 “severity levels” that determine the jail sentence, with severity level 1 being the most severe (12-54 years) and severity level 10 being the least severe (5 months to 1 year). Drug offenses are divided into 5 severity levels with severity level 1 involving 10.5-17 years and severity level 5 calling for 10 months to 3.5 years.

Some examples of non-drug felonies and their respective severity levels are:

  • Voluntary manslaughter – severity level 3
  • Theft of property worth $1,500-$25,000 – severity level 9
  • Theft of property worth $100,000 or more – severity level 5

Examples of drug felonies and their severity levels include:

  • Manufacturing controlled substances – severity level 2
  • Selling narcotics (1 kg or more) – severity level 1
  • Possession of opioids – severity level 5

Learn more about Kansas’ drug crime laws on my Drug Crimes page.

Felony Sentencing

Depending on the type of felony, a judge can order a range of penalties, including any combination of the following options:

  • incarceration based on the severity level of the crime;
  • probation based on the severity level of the crime;
  • fines and restitution to the alleged victim;
  • community service;
  • house arrest;
  • participation in a substance abuse program.

To establish the specific sentencing range for a convicted defendant, the judge will examine the severity level of the non-drug or drug offense and cross-reference that with the defendant’s criminal history. (Kansas has a sentencing grid that lines up the severity level on the vertical axis and a criminal history category on the horizontal axis).

Typically, the sentence ordered will fall in the middle of the sentencing range, but the presence of aggravating factors (e.g., the defendant went after a vulnerable person) or mitigating factors (e.g., the defendant played a minor role in the offense) may increase or decrease the sentence. It is to the judge’s discretion to order prison or probation, though crimes with a lower severity level (1-5) are more likely to result in prison time, and those with higher severity levels (7-10) are often granted probation instead. 

The felony sentencing guidelines can be confusing, but an experienced felony defense lawyer can help you better make sense of the sentencing ranges appropriate to your case. I have significant experience defending clients against a range of felony charges, and I can help you build a case for mitigated sentencing, if possible.

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