Criminal Defense Case Results

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Case Dismissed Domestic Battery

Proper preparation caused the district attorney to dismiss all charges without the need for a trial.

  • Case Dismissed Felony Aggravated Domestic Battery

    By informing the Court that the defense was ready to proceed the state was forced to dismiss all charges against my client.

  • Favorable Outcome Felony Marijuana Charge

    Through review of the video and police reports, the felonies were dismissed, and the client was able to plead guilty to traffic offenses.

  • Not Guilty Trial Verdict Interference with Law Enforcement

    The Municipal Court Judge found client not guilty because they were convinced after evidence and argument that the client’s behavior did not impede law enforcement.

  • Favorable Plea Felony Discharge of a Firearm in a Building

    After extensive plea negotiations client was able to have their two felony charges dismissed for misdemeanors that did not require them to lose their ability to own firearms in the future.

  • Case Dismissed Battery

    Preparation led to the city dismissing charges of battery without the need of a trial.

  • Dismissed Violation Felony Probation Violation

    Using legal research and case law the Judge was convinced that the State did not act properly when issuing the warrant for violations of probation, and subsequently dismissed the violation thereby ending the client’s time on probation.

  • Not Guilty Verdict Criminal Damage to Property

    After the presentation of evidence and argument the Judge determined that the State failed to meet their burden of proving the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.